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There are so many people that I want to thank for helping me make this journey possible. If it had been left to me to do all by myself there would be no send-off party, no logo, no web site, no t-shirts, no database, perhaps even no trip at all. I may be the one riding the motorcycle but that is only a part of the story. Everyone listed here has been integral and is helping make dreams come true. Without you the Arctic Ride For Dreams simply would not be what it is. No way, no how. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Miami Shores Presbyterian Church

Thank you Hallie! There are not enough words to say thank you. You’re such a huge part of this. You pushed me out of the plane door. I love your spirit.

Thank you Dudley! You’re a maverick too! Thank you for seconding the motion.

Thank you MSPC Session for giving it all the thumbs up.

Thank you MSPC Youth Group for helping me come up with names, goals, and the whole dream idea. You guys are awesome and MSPC has a bright future.

Thank you Communications Committee! Go team GO! Thank you for bringing me so many smiles, setting me up with people with ideas, reaching out to the media, maintaining the database, giving me tech advice on what gadgets to take, building me a whole web site!!!, maintaining the Facebook page along with me. You guys really are incredible: Wally, Will, Lisa, Kelly, Diane, Stu, David, and Joaquin (what a job on the web site!).

Thank you Missions Committee! For letting me head off and leave you for a little while. Thanks for sending me out into the field.

Thank you to the Send-Off Event Planning Team! Wow, what an event you have put together. It was a lot of work and you did it all with smiles, energy and came up with great ideas. Amazing.

To the whole MSPC Congregation & Staff for all your support and coming up with fun goals for me to complete, for donating extra to your family (MSPC), for giving me advice, places to stay, for giving me so much encouragement, for giving me a bible and other useful items to take on my journey with me.


Dr. Bruce Main, thank you for thinking this was a great idea, getting excited about it, and getting all of your Board of Directors excited about it also. Thank you! I hope I get to see you in Camden, NJ.

Lisi Klus & Marilu DelToro for coordinating.
Marilu– thank you for all you have done, your ideas were wonderful and you helped me organize my message into something cohesive and clear.

Thank you Ana Ojeda, Kristy Nunez, and Mark Reyes– Executive Directors at UrbanPromise Miami for meeting with me in Miami, jumping on board and then helping to get all the other centers on board too! Look forward to being at UP Miami in October!

Thank you to all the UrbanPromise Executive Directors, I’m looking forward to seeing you in Vancover, Toronto, Wilmington, Trenton and Camden: Judy Christopherson, Brett McBride, Carl Clark, Jodina Hicks, Rob Prestowitz.

Friends and Family

Thank you to my son Benjamin Hayward & Evie Yang & Teddy for being wonderfully supportive. I’m sorry that I’m going away for a while. I’m coming back! I will miss you both.

Thank you Jorden Beatty for all that you did to give the web site some marketing and organization savvy, and for setting up the Facebook page. You’re brilliant at what you do.

Thank you Nancy Cooper for covering for me at work while I’m gone. Thank you!

Thank you Yvonne Hurley at Tag Your Brand for providing ARFD t-shirts for free!

Thank you Brian Bramblett at Original Impressions for providing the stickers for free!

Thank you to everyone at Atlantic Motorcycles for getting my Triumph ready for the journey. Thanks go especially to Megan Farrugia for spending so much time with me to get the correct accessories, and to Lucho for working hours on the bike to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape and for giving me mechanical advice.

Thank you Dr. Richard Lehman for providing free chiropratic/exercise instruction.

Thank you Richard Ives, Andy Wagner, Joseph Cooper, and Bonnie Berman at WLRN Radio for having us on. Especially thank you to Richard and Andy for listening to my crazy ideas as the plans were formulated. And thank you Richard for being the first to donate and being one my biggest supporters right from the get-go.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, including my friends that have called me and sent me texts.

I hope I do you all proud. Let’s have some fun this summer! Let’s support some charities and some people in need. Let’s dream and go on a crazy adventure together.

I love you all.



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WLRN's Topical Currents features ARFD, MSPC & UP

On June 27th, at 1pm, Topical Currents hosted by Joseph Cooper & Bonnie Berman featured the Arctic Ride For Dreams, Miami Shores Presbyterian Church and UrbanPromise. WRLN’s is South Florida’s NPR affiliate and broadcasts on 91.3 FM.

Rev. Hallie Hottle and Andrew Hayward Smith were interviewed. If you missed the broadcast you can listen to the interview in full by visiting the link below:

WLRN Topical Currents “Miami Man Rides 15,000 Miles for Charity”



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