Completed Goals

Visit this page during the dates of the tour, July 1st to November 1st, to see the list of completed goals.

June 27th – Completed: be interviewed on the radio
June 30th – Completed: be interviewed in the news to raise awareness of a charity
June 30th – Completed: 100 miles, 200 miles, and 300 miles
July 1st – Completed: 500 miles
July 3rd – Completed: collect 25 dreams from people en route
July 5th – Completed: ride 350 miles in one day
July 7th – Completed: take a photo of the Cranbrook Institute Architectural building
July 7th – Completed: appear in an article in a newspaper
July 8th – Completed: Visit one of the charitable organizations and post a photo of their work
July 8th – Completed: Visit with Humble Design in Detroit, Michigan
July 9th – Completed: Stop by and visit First Presbyterian Church of Benton Harbor, Michigan
July 10th – Completed: Deliver a package from Ross Johnston (Miami) to Rob Johnston (Michigan)
July 10th – Completed: Take professional head shots for a lady’s resume & interview
July 11th – Completed: Feed the homeless with the monks of St. Benedict The Moor, Milwaukee
July 13th – Completed: visit Rev. Hallie’s hometown and family
July 14th – Completed: a scavenger hunt around Monmouth, Illinois
July 17th – Completed: work on a Habitat for Humanity project
July 20th – Completed: Ride the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park
July 21st – Completed: ride 5,000 miles
July 22nd – Completed: Take & post a photograph of the sign at the US/Canadian border
July 23rd – Completed: pick a peach in British Columbia
July 26th – Completed: collect 100 dreams
July 26th – Completed: Visit UrbanPromise Vancouver
August 3rd – Completed: bring back a sea story from the Alaskan Ferry
August 3rd – Completed: Photograph a wild bear and post it to Facebook
August 3rd – Completed: Photograph a whale in the ocean
August 3rd – Completed: Photograph an eagle in the wild
August 4th – Completed: take a photo of a bear catching a salmon
August 15th – Completed: make it to the Arctic Circle!
August 16th – Completed: send postcards from the northernmost post office
August 17th – Completed: send a postcard from North Pole
August 21st – Completed: ride the Top Of The World Highway
August 24th – Completed: 10,000 miles ridden
August 28th – Completed: visit the Sign Post Forest in the Yukon Territories
September 4th – Completed: the Nat’l Geographic Drive along Lake Superior
September 10th – Completed: drive the Trans Canada Highway from west to east
September 12th – Completed: take a photo of a moose (real or fake)
September 13th – Completed: eat real Poutine in Montreal
September 14th – Completed: find something to buy for $0.66 in Montreal

Want to make a donation?

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