How You Can Participate


My goal is to raise at least $1 for every mile covered, for each charity.

Total trip: 15,000 miles.

Simply donate a dollar amount to the charity of your choice by sponsoring a certain amount of mileage. $1 per mile. Click here to donate to a charity of your choice.

You can get interactive and take part in the tour by sponsoring Challenges & Goals for me to complete. Unique and new goals are always welcome! Send your new challenge or goal to me here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Donating is Easy!

You make your donation directly to the charity of your choice, when you are ready to.

Direct links to a choice of suggested charities are found by clicking here. Just click on the charity’s link and make your donation when you are ready.

*REMEMBER*: you also need to fill out the Donate form on the Donate To Charity page so that I know how much money is being donated and to which charities. Since you donate directly to the charity of your choice (not through me), I can only know how much has been raised if you fill out the form and let me know. Thank you!

The following are examples of sponsoring a goal (goals are in italics in the examples below). You can choose a goal to sponsor by choosing one from the list: click here. To sponsor a challenge or a goal, let me know what you want me to do along my route by filling out the form on the Donate to Charity page.

Examples of Sponsored Challenges & Goals

“I will donate $5,000 to Miami Shores Presbyterian Church if you make it to the Arctic Circle in Alaska.”

“I am donating $500 to UrbanPromise if you volunteer at the UrbanPromise community center in Camden, New Jersey and photographs the children this charity helps. Post photos on Facebook!”

“I will donate $50 to the American Cancer Society if you attend a ‘Race for the Cure’ event in North America during the challenge tour.”

“I am donating $100 to Miami Shores Presbyterian Church if you visit a relative of mine and help out around the house for the afternoon.”

Share Your Wildest Dreams

During my trip, we’re aiming to collect 15,000 dreams– one dream for every 15,000 miles of the Arctic Ride For Dreams (Miami to Arctic Tour). Let us know what your dream is! We’ll place it on a ribbon and tie it to the Miami Shores Presbyterian Church.

Simply finish the sentence: “It’s my dream to one day _________.”

Submitting Dreams is Easy!

There are numerous ways to share your dream. All I need to know is your name and the dream that you wish to fulfill one day. You can submit your dream by:

More information

Click here to find out what others have challenged me to do, and what goals I’ve already completed.

Follow the journey and discuss with others on Facebook: /ArcticRideForDreams

To see the total amount of money raised, click here.

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