Answers to how much fuel you need in Northern Canada and Alaska.

I have some answers to my concerns about gas mileage in Alaska and Canada thanks to the kind people who post on Thank you to MountainMan, Genghis9021, and Scrabble biker who passed on the following information:

To find out mileage between gas stations/fuel stops go to Google maps and get directions for a segment of your trip and then type “fuel stations” or “gas stations” in the search function. This will show you refueling points along your route.

Southern Canada shouldn’t be a problem with enough fuel to cover approximately 150 miles. Northern parts of Canada could be problematic. Take extra fuel in Northern Canada– enough to cover 200 to 250 miles.

Don’t pass up fueling opportunities. Most gas stations are open more during tourist season in the summer. Remember that the hours of daylight are long. Don’t leave it until late in the day to refuel as gas stations may already be closed for the day. Don’t be fooled by long daylight hours.

Yellowknife Highway, Dempster Highway, Canol and Campbell all require a 200 mile range or more between fueling points.

Remember tire usage on the long stretches of roads in British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska. Call ahead to Anchorage and/or Fairbanks and make sure they hold a change of tires for you. Prices for tires are higher in Canada than the US, it maybe better to order and ship to Canada.

Will my bike have enough fuel to make it between gas stations in Alaska and remote sections of Canada?

The biggest concern I have about this trip is not the cold or the weather in general, it’s not the sitting on a bench-style motorcycle seat which will cause me pain (I know from experience), and it’s not the constant buffeting from the wind (no windshield) causing knots in my shoulders that only hours of massaging can get out. My biggest concern is the long stretches of wilderness with no gas stations for miles.

The Bonneville gets 100 miles to a full tank of gas. I can take a 2 gallon extra gas tank for an extra 70 miles. That’s a maximum distance without refueling of 170 miles. I am anticipating that the distance between places I can find fuel in the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness may be 200+ miles. Refueling stops are going to require careful planning or I will end up stranded miles from anywhere with no cell phone reception, and no contact with the outside world. At this point refueling stops are an unknown quantity. Something to be carefully researched before I leave.

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